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October 20, 2009

Results of 25 Inventions That Changed the World

I want to thank everyone who contributed their opinions on the “25 Inventions That Changed the World.” Over 750 comments and suggestions were received. Results indicate that the things we value most are often creature comforts or improve the quality of life. In addition, many innovations were the product of necessity and not always attributable to one individual. What are you working on?

 The results are:

# 1.   Plumbing/the flush toilet/running water – over 150 votes – (the basic necessities)

# 2.   The Wheel – over 100 votes – (technology had to start somewhere)

# 3.   The Light Bulb

# 4.   Antibiotics – (no one likes being sick)

# 5.   Air Conditioning – (surprisingly the majority of respondents were not from warm areas)

# 6.   The Internet – (not a surprise since the survey was internet based)

# 7.   Aspirin  – ( the wonder drug)

# 8.   Language – (so how come we have so much trouble communicating?)

# 9.   Wireless Technology – (what is next?)

#10.  The Telephone – (top innovation for personal communication)  

#11.  Birth Control – specifically “The Condom” – (too many minds are in the gutter – lol)

#12.  Math – (the foundation of science)

#13.  Music – (has generated so many other innovations – does anyone remember the 8 track?)

#14.  Rope – (score one for basic tools)

#15.  The Computer – (lower vote count than expected)

#16.  Boats/Ships/Submarines – (opened up the world for exploration)

#17.  Ovens and Microwaves – (we all have to eat)

#18.  Medicines – (too many to itemize)

#19.  Cleaning Agents (soap, disinfectants etc.)

#20.  Books and The Printing Press – (How will history remember us?))

#21.  Clocks – (we can only measure time but not control)

#22.  Ketchup – (beat pizza and chocolate chip cookies by a large margin)

#23.  Combustible Engines and Automobiles – (received a few votes for worst invention)

#24.  Electricity – (I wouldn’t be up this late with out it)

#25.  The Ball (everyone was a child at some point)

The number one vote getter for worst invention (narrowly edging out pollution) was

# 1. Guns

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