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Entrepreneur Imagination Can Be a Reality

If you are like most new technology ventures that are struggling with a lack of resources but with a very long to do list there is a need to outsource some of the work not within your core skill set. The important part of seeking help is finding experienced professionals who understand the emotional rollercoaster that entrepreneurs must face and with whom you are able to have a relationship based upon trust.

There is a solution to your needs. It is called The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® and we have unique skill sets not found among many entrepreneur advisors. Our expertise is specialized in 5 areas to maximize the traction you can start your new venture with or use to expand you operations. Take a look at the areas that we can help you in and say hello if we you would like help.

Teaching Operations to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Need To Build A Strong Foundation

Don’t waste valuable resources trying to figure out the most effective and efficient way to set up your operations

Successful entrepreneurs know and accept that they need help. Setting up operations correctly determines your cash flow through the initial start-up phase. For existing technology ventures wishing to grow to the next level a good operations infrastructure will ease the transition as well as help attract quality employees and venture funding.

SEO Optimization and Internet Marketing

SEO Optimization and Internet Marketing

One of the goals of new technology ventures is to establish a web presence early on to tell the world who you are and what your product or service is. Your website can be used to display knowledge, find investors or just bring you more traffic. Website design should be though out well before implementation as it is the single most important marketing tool that you will have. We can teach how to do organically or how to shop for outsourcing without your new venture being taken advantage of.

We perform white hat SEO (the kind that does not get you in trouble with Google)

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property (IP)? What is its value to your technology venture?

Understanding the value of your IP is crucial for technology ventures. IP is not just about patents, it covers copyrights, trademarks and know-how. Before paying precious dollars to a patent attorney, entrepreneurs need to understand the difference between the perceived value and the commercial value of their IP assets.

Business and Marketing Guidance

Entrepreneurs Needs To Build A Strong Foundation

Business plans have multiple purposes. They may be rough guidelines, used to raise capital or dynamic. To have an effective business plan requires the entrepreneur to be involved as without their input and buy-in it is useless. This is because a good business plan is the cornerstone of all marketing and operations planning. We can guide you through the business planning process or produce one with you.

Mentoring Innovators

Do you know if you need a mentor, an advisor, a Board of Directors or a partner?

Mentoring Innovators

Successful entrepreneurs understand that although there can be no guarantee of success that having someone to talk to and steer or keep you on the right path will help increase the chances of bringing an idea from concept to fruition. The keys to finding the right mentor are understanding your own personality, your ability to share control and how well you listen to others.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Source: Thomas A. Edison

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