SEO Optimization and Internet Marketing

Getting Started on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are multiple parts to establishing a web presence that include choosing the best type of website, setting it up, publishing relevant content and getting your website viewed by your target market. Getting your website viewed requires a basic understanding and application of SEO. The object is to have your website appear on the top 3 search positions or at least on the first page.

SEO is not difficult but it is time consuming. You can outsource your SEO needs or do it yourself. The key is deciding if you have the time and knowledge to do yourself. If you do not have the knowledge necessary to do yourself, The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® can help your new venture jump start by:

  1. Teaching you SEO basics such as:
    • How to optimize web site and blog content with the best use of keywords.
    • How to do basic coding for links, titles and readability using keywords.
    • How to use the Internet to market your products and services organically if you are going to do the work.
    • How to measure SEO success and make adjustments.
  2. If you are unfamiliar with SEO marketing we can also do this for you. Our services include:
    • Keyword research: Keyword research is by far the most time consuming piece of setting up your internet marketing strategy.
    • Research the best traffic producing words for your website and how they rank
    • Identify the volume of searches for keywords
    • Determine where you currently rank
    • Determine how difficult it will be to rank for chosen keywords by analyzing the competitions website strength and other market factors
    • Finding the right combination of keywords (long-tail)
    • Compare to projected success against using cost-per-click (CPC) marketing
  3. Make sure you have the most effective balance between On-Page and Off Page SEO
    • On-page SEO: Making sure your website pages are SEO maximized
    • Off-Page SEO: Making sure you have the best linking strategy.
  4. Building links: Achieving page rank is in large part a combination of authoritative content and having quality links point to your website. We will build a network of links for you:
    • Write articles and submit them to various article sites
    • Establish Internet profiles to increase link diversity

SEO Pricing

  • Teaching starts at $1,000 per day
  • SEO Setup and Research – $5,000
  • Ongoing SEO Support(maintenance, link building – starts at $500 per month

Contact us today so we can help you figure out your SEO needs.

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