Change Management

Who is Conducting Your Change?
Who is Conducting Your Change?

The idea of change management for entrepreneurs may seem a little out of place for some and second nature to others. What is important is that entrepreneurs understand how tunnel vision negatively impacts the chances of success. Change management for entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises is about flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing conditions. Change management should be part of the culture of the company to try new ideas and discard ideas that are not working.

Change starts at the top of any organization. Ownership and a commitment to fix problems will only become part of the culture of the company if business owners and top management are actively engaged in the process. For a micro-enterprise this means the business owner is constantly seeking new opportunities. For small to mid-size businesses this translates into involving staff at all levels and rewarding them for finding solutions or creating new opportunities.

If you are running into any of the following situations, you should consider implementing change management processes.

  • Getting your new venture going
  • Unprofitable products or services
  • Declining sales
  • Unproductive staff
  • Problem business units
  • Good ideas are not acted upon
  • You don’t listen to your clients or staff
  • Poor customer service and client retention
  • Rapid growth disorganization
  • Mergers and acquisitions

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