The Entrepreneur’s Advisor

The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® takes pride in providing as many free resources to technology ventures, professional practices and micro-enterprises. It is our firm belief that there are too many fraudulent advisors taking advantage of the enthusiasm of new entrepreneurs or the desperation of existing businesses to survive.

The Entrepreneur's Advisor

General Scope of Services for Entrepreneurs, Micro-enterprises and Professional Practices

Unfortunately there are times when free advice is not detailed enough. For these situations, The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® offers a variety of guidance packages to help. These include:

  1. Pay-As-You-Think“: You may ask questions and/or obtain help featuring no long term commitment. Initial consultations are free, however questions requiring research on the part of The Entrepreneur’s Advisor or consultations past the first hour can be obtained using our unique Pay-As-You-Go program. This program is designed to minimize your cash outlay but answer critical questions to keep you on the right track to success.
  2. Project/Implementation Assistance : Includes planning, analysis, hands-on implementation, turnarounds, growth and exit strategies, work flow analysis, client management, blog setup/writing training and establishing a Web Presence.
  3. Mentoring: The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® is an approved mentor with Gazelle Lab, Star-Tec Technology Enterprise Center in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as The University of Central Florida in Orlando. When you choose a mentor relationship with us you are getting access to the full resources of The Entrepreneur’s Advisor®.
  4. Board of Directors – Should your company meet our criteria we may accept a Board of Director appointment.

Why Choose The Entrepreneur’s Advisor®

We could give you a list of our qualifications but the reality is, when you are looking for Advisor or Mentor to help you it is very important that you find someone you can connect with on both a professional and personal level. If you do not fully trust the person you are asking for help from then we believe you should walk away and keep searching.

Trust is a two way street. It is the philosophy of The Entrepreneur’s Advisor to only do business with professionals dedicated to bringing their idea to business fruition yet are open to input from others. We will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Just as importantly, the advisor you seek should have actual real life entrepreneurial experience in starting and running a company. This is where we separates ourselves from other professionals. Outside of their own practice, Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Advisors and Life Coaches rarely have performed the grunt work necessary to get a new or disruptive technology ventures off the ground and running.

The Entrepreneur’s Advisor®, on the other hand, has done almost every conceivable task in operations or sales and marketing. If you are in need of an advisor or operations partner ask them how much experience they have in the following 10 areas:

Ten Areas Entrepreneur Advisors Should Have Experience With

  1. Completing a financial budget from the ground up, including start up capital, cash flow management and banking.
  2. Researching and creating business and strategic plans. Do they have both the education and the real world experience to help.
  3. Their knowledge of Intellectual Capital, Intellectual Property and Intellectual Assets. Includes their ability to develop new markets for IP.
  4. Actual operations and sales experience at all levels especially the front lines. Start up companies need real help not Ivory Tower armchair quarter backing.
  5. Cleaning their own office. This may sound dumb, but you want someone not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  6. Customer service or exceeding customer expectations.
  7. How they have created a fun work environment in the past. New companies can not afford to have turnover and must have the right environment to attract great talent.
  8. Handling adversity. Do they thrive on the challenge of a changing environment or do they get discouraged when things don’t go quite as well as planned?
  9. Hiring and firing people or other HR related functions such as payroll, risk management or benefit administration.
  10. The use of technology. Whether it is the web for internet marketing or familiarity of computers that enables them to help plan technology use.

The preceding list was not meant to be all inclusive, but it should help you define what you are looking for. More importantly, the preceding list will eliminate the vast majority of people looking for a percentage of your company for lame advice. With the Entrepreneur’s Advisor® your company gets the real deal.

Lets talk – tell us a little about your needs.