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If you read my last post Choosing Names for New Ventures, Domains and Social Media you understand that name selection is part of thinking through your idea when preparing to begin a new venture. A friend of mine told me about a very nice FREE tool to help you choose.

A New Day, A New Start-Up Venture
A New Day, A New Start-Up Venture

Social Media Name Choosing Tool for New Ventures

There are hundreds of social media outlets you can register on. However, it is important for organizational purposes that you limit the number of names that you use. The Knowem LLC allows you to enter in a name and see if it has already been taken. It will also tell you if the name is too long for that particular site. This free check allows you to check the following categories:

List of Social media Categories for Entrepreneurs

  • Blogging: blogger, issuu, tumblr ….
  • Bookmarking: faves, amplify, diigo ….
  • Business: docstop, spoke, linkedin ….
  • Communities: facebook, slideshare, knowem ….
  • Design: artlog, deviantart, aviary ….
  • Entertainment: blippr, redroom, sportsmates ….
  • Health: myfitnesspal, armchairgm, foodical ….
  • Information: yahoo, wikimepedia, scribd ….
  • Microblogging: plurk, adocu, twitter ….
  • Music: ilike, soundcloud, redwire ….
  • News:technorati, newsvine, digg ….
  • Photo: picassa, flickr, twitxr ….
  • Tech: slashdot, tinyurl, filecabin ….
  • Travel: qype, sharetrip, dopplr ….
  • Video: hulu, youtube, livevideo ….

The site check is free but the company does offer a sign-up service that is not free. Use of the premuim services is a way to cut down the the amount of time it takes to set up your social media. However, we strongly suggest that you wait until you have determined the type of internet presence you need which will be the topic of the next article in the series, The Ultimate Checklist for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Micro-enterprises.

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  1. This is really great.. Checking this name is such a important thing to do because you don’t want to choose a name with a bad reputation.

  2. Linda Day Harrison

    Really good article. You are such a good writer!! I did not know about this tool, but in my blog post reminding property and facility managers to get their domain names, It is really a neat little tool. I think our blog articles make a good team so please share your article on my site as well. The are a perfect compliment to each other. Thanks for all of your support.
    Thank you,

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