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Client retention for Entrepreneurs

Increase Revenue With Awesome Customer Service

Did your business or professional practice struggle to make your revenue budget last year? Is there anything that you could have done better and what sort of changes did you make for 2011? For many entrepreneurs one of the most effective changes they can make is to start practicing awesome customer service and it doesn’t […]

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Why You Must Exceed Your Customers Expectations

Best Practices Means Exceeding Customer Service Expectations Every business has customers and they have a choice with whom they do business with. Failure to recognize this fact even if you have a relative monopoly on the market will ultimately spell disaster for your company. Best practices for customer service will vary across industry and are […]

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5 Tips for Increasing Client Retention for Micro-enterprises

If you are a micro-enterprise in the cleaning service business, what are you doing to make up for the revenue shortfall? Here are 5 things you should be doing to create additional value for your cleaning service.

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7 Ways to Make Sure Clients Return for the Next Holiday Season

Poor customer service is the number one reason customers do not return to make additional purchases. Implementing client retention programs will not only lower your loss client ratio but also increase your long term revenues.

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Client Retention

In a tough or normal economic situation, business owners and executives all too often forget about their current clients. Given the high costs of new sales, all members of an organization should focus their efforts on retaining the current client base.

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