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January 30, 2011

Are You a Good Resource for Entrepreneurs and Inventors

Throughout the series, The Ultimate Checklist for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Micro-enterprises we have referred you to Internet sources that may be of help as you establish your web presence. The final post in this series will be a listing of websites, blogs, professionals and organizations that can provide resources of all kinds for your new venture.

How Will This List Help the Entrepreneur Inside YOU

To be a successful entrepreneur, business owners want to avoid some of the most common mistakes when starting a new venture or attempting to grow their business venture.

Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  1. Letting your ego go unchecked. A strong ego is necessary for any entrepreneur, but too strong an ego (narcissism) can prevent you from making good business decisions. For example, you think you know better than anyone else which prevents you seeking help from other people who can guide you or help you avoid costly mistakes.
  2. Not thinking through your idea. All ideas have merit, however, turning your idea into a successful venture takes a little planning and thought. Too often entrepreneurs rush to open a business thinking they have a brilliant idea and the world will beat down their door.
  3. Falling prey to predators of entrepreneurs. Predators of entrepreneurs promise instant results such as web traffic or sales, offer intellectual property services such as filing for patents, patent or trademark protection, sell you marginal services or product you really don’t need and so on. They almost always require a significant up front fee or want a percentage of your equity.
  4. Not evolving with technology. Technology has made a global marketplace. For example, establishing a web presence is a must for raising capital, attracting new clients, or selling your latest invention.
  5. Failing to realize the world does not owe you anything. Quality help can be free, but good people or resources costs money.

Call for Entrepreneur Resources

We are looking to identify resources for entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and innovators that go beyond family, friends, fluff entrepreneurial magazines/articles or scam sources. Our goal is to identify the best starting points to get you the information that you need. We are looking to identify and list:

  • Biotech, new and disruptive technology executives, consultants and think tanks to make sure you can think through your plan the right way as well as be able to help you valuate your idea.
  • IR professionals and companies to help you make sure you understand all your intellectual capital including patents, licensing, trademark and copyright protection as well as know how.
  • Professional staff recruiters to help you find the talent you need to drive your new venture to business fruition.
  • CPA’s, reputable attorneys
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Venture capital firms, Angel investor groups and legitiamte methods of finding funding your venture.
  • Internet marketing professionals
  • Internet marketing tools
  • General entrepreneur resources
  • Niche resources such as manufactures, supply chain help, business planning, market and competitive anaylsis etc.

If you feel you, your blog or your company would make a quality resource for Entrepreneurs, then send an email or leave a comment on this post including, your name, website and area of expertise, so that we may research your qualifications for inclusion on an upcoming post.

3 Comments on “Are You a Good Resource for Entrepreneurs and Inventors

October 7, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Great stuffs Stuart! Also found this great blog that would make a quality resource for entrepreneurs. Here’s the link: ..With these resources, you’ll find new ways to communicate with your team, present your ideas to prospective customers, make meaningful customer service connections and much more.

Dino Eliadis
February 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm


DE, inc. has been helping with small businesses growth since 2001. I would suggest checking out our new blog at and the tools on our web site to determine the best way we can assist you in creating the resource you are attempting to source.

Dino Eliadis
DE, Inc.

Frank J. Gnisci
January 31, 2011 at 9:33 am

I am a part time CFO. I help the owners of small and mid-sized privately owned companies to grow their companies and increase their cash and profits. We are the guys that help you get the cash.

Sometimes this entails helping the owner raise capital or establish a banking
relationship. I am currently working with an owner developing process improvements to increase the productivity of his business. I also help owners who may be planning to retire from their business. I work with the owner to plan an exit strategy so that he receives a fair price for his business when he decides to exit the company.

For the past 10 years I owned and operated a company in Ft. Lauerdale. It was a successful start-up company. It was so successful that we sold the company to United Healthcare.

Let me know if you need any additional information. My full bio is at


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