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August 15, 2010

The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Creating Keywords

In our last post about keywords we unintentionally left out the section on how to create keywords. This post gives you an idea that will help generate long-tailed keywords from your original ideas.

Short and Long Tailed Keywords for New Ventures

The best way to show this is by example. For our example, we use a new technology venture called that makes a sensor for home and industrial use. The original short keywords are:

  1. kewlertech
  2. kewlertech sensor

Using these two words you can see how additional key words are generated by looking at the chart below.

The Entrepreneur's Advisor Keyword Generator Chart

Keyword Generation for Entrepreneurs, Professional Practices and Micro-enterprises

New keywords now include

  1. kewlertech home sensors
  2. kewlertech home sensors for small rooms
  3. kewlertech home sensors accessories
  4. kewlertech home sensors for large rooms
  5. kewlertech commercial sensors
  6. kewlertech commercial sensors for Retail Stores
  7. kewlertech commercial sensors for Research Labs

Starting with these two words you can see how easy it is to generate 3 times as many keywords in a matter of seconds. Additional keywords can be generated using a variety of descriptions or uses such as color, other applications, geographic location and so on.

How Entrepreneurial Ventures Can Monitor Keywords

Our next major post Learning the Basics of SEO will talk about how to use keywords to help your business or professional practice site show up in searches. It would be a good idea to make sure that you have the capabilities to monitor how you rank on keywords. Tracking your keyword ranking is more than just seeing of you show up on the front page of a Google search using your keyword term. It also involves monitoring your progress and seeing which words your competition ranks for.

There are countless tools available to help you monitor your keywords and understand the words or phrases people are using to find your site. Google Analytics is one of the more common tools that is available for free. If entrepreneurs and innovators want to do it right or grow your micro-enterprise, then there are some paid tools that are very good. These are the same tools that professional SEO companies use that offer to host your site or provide SEO services.

The truth is you can do it yourself and save a considerable amount of cash. One example is Raven Internet Marketing Tools. These types of professional tools do require that someone is spending a fair amount of time on SEO. Therefore, it is important that you budget accordingly and don’t waste valuable start-up capital.

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