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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Why and How to do a Blog Right

A blog, if done correctly, can be a very valuable marketing tool especially for professional practices, technology ventures and professional services organizations. The key is understanding what a blog really is, how to construct one and how to use it properly. If you want to create a blog better than your competition then read on. […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | SEO Virtual Reality: Linkwheels

The creation of links to and from your website plays an important role for establishing your web presence. As previously discussed, the importance of links for entrepreneurs is second only to quality content for determining your search engine rank. Webmasters can create links organically (you do yourself), use link generators (plugins and widgets) or pay […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Learning the Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all the organic (unpaid) techniques and tools websites, bloggers and companies use to try and get their product or service to show up in searches using Google, Bing etc. The fact that you can do most of it yourself for free is why I take issue with companies that charge […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Understanding Sales Metrics

In a previous post Choosing What To Do With Your Website the concept of sales metrics was mentioned. This article will help you understand what sales metrics means to a new venture and how to use this information to create your web presence. What are Sales Metrics? The term sales metrics describes the reasons you […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Creating Keywords

In our last post about keywords we unintentionally left out the section on how to create keywords. This post gives you an idea that will help generate long-tailed keywords from your original ideas. Short and Long Tailed Keywords for New Ventures The best way to show this is by example. For our example, we use […]

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