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Perception and the Ideation Process

Because perception is reality; the most critical element of becoming an innovative organization is what occurs after good ideas have come about and have started down the path to business fruition.

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Micro-Enterprises and How to Grow Them into True Small Businesses?

The question becomes what can you do to grow your micro-enterprise to become a small, midsize or large business particularly when the economy is in dire shape? First let us review some tips for starting the business and then take a look at some methods of organic marketing to get and keep you going.

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How do you define what building an “ORGANIZATION” really means to a new venture.

How do you define what building an “ORGANIZATION” really means to a new venture? Everyone seems to have their own concept in mind when defining how they will build their new venture or business organization. However, there are some very basic concepts that are often overlooked. Most importantly, the concept of an organization should be […]

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