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Increase Revenue With Awesome Customer Service

Did your business or professional practice struggle to make your revenue budget last year? Is there anything that you could have done better and what sort of changes did you make for 2011? For many entrepreneurs one of the most effective changes they can make is to start practicing awesome customer service and it doesn’t […]

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Mind Blowing 2011 IRS FICA Change For Micro-enterprises and All Business Ventures

On December 17, 2010, The Tax Relief Act 2010 was signed into law. This was the same piece of legislation that extended the Bush era tax credits. But the unique part is for the first time in my professional career, the Social Security tax was lowered to 4.2% for employees only. The Entrepreneur’s Advisor wants […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Why and How to do a Blog Right

A blog, if done correctly, can be a very valuable marketing tool especially for professional practices, technology ventures and professional services organizations. The key is understanding what a blog really is, how to construct one and how to use it properly. If you want to create a blog better than your competition then read on. […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | SEO Analytics and Measuring Success

As we near the end of the series The Ultimate Checklist for Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Micro-enterprises you should be well on your way to establishing your web presence. But, how do you know if the things you are doing are going to pay off and if you have made the right decisions for your marketing […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | SEO Basics of Marketing With Social Media

In our last post of The Ultimate Checklist series, we talked about the basics of how to market your website by establishing a web presence either organically (no fees paid) and/or using the most popular paid methods PPC and paid advertising services. Today we discuss how and why to integrate social media into your marketing […]

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