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From the Desk of The Entrepreneur's Advisor

Entrepreneur’s Do Not Need to Buy Start Up Guidance

As our economy stumbles through difficult times, people look for new opportunities to survive. This is a good thing. At the same time, it is the duty and responsibility of  The Entrepreneur’s Advisor™ to warn potential entrepreneurs and those wishing to start up a micro-enterprises that they need to be very careful about spending much needed […]

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Avoiding Predators of Entrepreneurs. (Keeping your Money)

Far too often, life coaches, entrepreneur advisors and consultants who have never experienced the hardships of starting and running a business sell their services. “Experts” claiming 1-3 successful ventures, a book, or social media expertisesell their services. Unfortunately, most have never experienced the hunger necessary to coach and develop an entrepreneur. The internet has seen an explosion of people claiming to be experts. Find out here what to look for to avoid losing your money.

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Micro-Enterprises and How to Grow Them into True Small Businesses?

The question becomes what can you do to grow your micro-enterprise to become a small, midsize or large business particularly when the economy is in dire shape? First let us review some tips for starting the business and then take a look at some methods of organic marketing to get and keep you going.

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