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Micro-enterprises (MEs)come in many forms. From a local lawn service to a start up technology company, micro-enterprises are the small businesses of tomorrow and the larger business of the future. Micro-enterprises account for 74% of firms nationwide and 5% of all employment ( SBA Research Reports).

The Entrepreneur's Advisor™

The Entrepreneur's Advisor™

The Entrepreneur’s Advisor™ is dedicated to providing free resources to Micro-enterprises in order that:

  1. You can avoid people and companies that take advantage of your enthusiasm and inexperience that are trying to take away your valuable start up capital or cash. See Avoiding Predators of Entrepreneurs as an example
  2. Reduce the amount of time you spend searching the internet for help. There are many good sites but usually the information you need is often buried deep. We try to provide relevant links, terms, and tips. All are free.
  3. We can grow with you by helping you recognize opportunities most people don’t think about.

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