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Could Business Incubators Have Better Results

The object of this post is to challenge business incubators do a better job with their resources including entrepreneur advisors, mentors and staff as well as provide some thoughts for companies already part of or trying to gain acceptance to a business incubator. In our last post, it was shown that business incubators as a […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Understanding Sales Metrics

In a previous post Choosing What To Do With Your Website the concept of sales metrics was mentioned. This article will help you understand what sales metrics means to a new venture and how to use this information to create your web presence. What are Sales Metrics? The term sales metrics describes the reasons you […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Advisor | Creating Keywords

In our last post about keywords we unintentionally left out the section on how to create keywords. This post gives you an idea that will help generate long-tailed keywords from your original ideas. Short and Long Tailed Keywords for New Ventures The best way to show this is by example. For our example, we use […]

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