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July 9, 2011

Innovative Technology Venture Fund Raising Opportunity

Is your Technology venture looking to raise capital? In our post Establishing a Web Presence to Raise New Technology Venture Funding a new method of using the internet was discussed that can help raise capital as well as establish a necessary web presence.

The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® fund raising plan has significant advantages over traditional and crowd funding methods of raising capital. These advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Targeting specific individuals
  • Targeting specific Angel or Venture Capital groups
  • Targeting specific organizations
  • Qualified lead generation on a global basis
  • Establishing a web presence early in the technology ventures lifecycle

Special Note! All Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations must be followed once contact has been made through your website.

Free Fund Raising Trial

Rather than set-up a fictional company to demonstrate how the process works, The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® had decided to set-up one technology venture that is seeking a new method of finding funding. We will work with the selected company to set-up the web infrastructure necessary.

There is no capital investment on your part or fee paid to The Entrepreneur’s Advisor. However, there may be minor fees charged by web hosting services, video production or documentation to outside vendors. As the project progesses, your technology venture may want to obtain legal assistance to formalize investment, protect your Intellectual Property (IP) as well as be in compliance with SEC rules and regulations.

This idea was featured in Technology Transfer Tactics in their May 2011 issue.

Fund Raising Qualifications

To qualify for this fund raising opportunity you technology venture must be able to provide potential investors all SEC required documentation as well as having the time to see this project through to its conclusion. More detail will be presented once a technology venture has been selected.

The minimal requirements for technology ventures looking for potential investors and the assistance of The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® are:

  1. You must have a quality Business Plan. This shows us that you have thought through your idea.
  2. Know the amount of venture capital you are seeking and be prepared to discuss how much skin you have put into the company.
  3. Have a Use of Proceeds ready.
  4. Be able to explain how the investor will receive their return on investment
  5. Have the names of 10 potential investors/groups.
  6. Be able to create 5 – 30 second videos presenting your case for funding.
  7. Having a current website or registered domain is preferable but not required.
  8. Have prospectus, legal and other SEC required documents ready when needed.
  9. Be able to work with The Entrepreneur’s Advisor to complete the project within 30 days.
  10. Be able to meet investors (travel if necessary).

If your technology venture can meet the preceding terms, complete the contact form below for review. The Entrepreneur’s Advisor® reserves the right to limit the type of industry the technology venture is selected from.

[gravityform id=1 name=Registernow to have your new venture be selected for a FREE fund raising trial]

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