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March 25, 2010

Join Us For Earth Hour March 27, 2010

Started just three years ago, Earth Hour is expected to draw approximately 1 billion participants this year.
So when my sons approached me and said “Dad can we turn off our lights for one hour this Saturday at 8:30 PM to support Earth Hour?” My first thought was sure, if we all turn off our lights for an hour I might even save a few coins on the electric bill this month. Although there is considerable dispute as to whether or not there is a significant energy savings to be had, it is the thought that counts.

Just a couple of thoughts for participants.

  • Burning candles defeats the purpose as candles contribute to indoor pollution and are extremely inefficient energy producers. Just sit back and enjoy the silence if you can
  • I wonder what will happen when millions of people turn their lights on at the same time? In my home turning on the toaster and microwave at the same time time will blow a fuse.
  • Therefore so be really energy conscious, I suggest we all turn on our power at exactly the same time, blowing the major power grids, plunging cities into darkness. The energy saved from this will definitely be significant – laughing. The Entrepreneur’s Advisor™ supports innovators and businesses trying to make the world more energy efficient.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you in the darkness.

    The Entrepreneur’s Advisor™