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April 22, 2009

High Value Ventures

Why High Value Ventures Succeed

Are you having trouble getting your venture up and running? Do you wonder why investors and top talent stay away? Is your business destined to become a classic case of missed opportunity? Rather than dwell on the negative reasons that high dollar start-up ventures fail, the following is the top ten reasons ventures succeed.

Top Ten Reasons Why High Value Ventures Succeed

  1. Visionary or founder has checked their ego at the door, they understand the need to share – The three P’s:
    • Power – it is rare the founder can do it all by themselves
    • Planning – nothing is left to chance
    • Pie – great talent and capital requires reward for the risk
  2. Raising capital is recognized as a full-time endeavor; it starts in the concept stage and continues indefinitely.
  3. Management is flexible to change. Rarely does a business plan unfold according to plan.
  4. Product development and innovation are embedded into the culture of the company.
  5. New ventures understand the value and how to manage Intellectual Capital.
  6. The Board of Directors and Investors play a positive and active role in the management, direction and development of the organization.
  7. Burn rates are kept under control.
  8. The opportunity, not the exit strategy, is the focus of the strategic plans.
  9. Failure is not an option but patience is priceless – the world is not going to beat down your door.
  10. Employees (top management to staff) have a passion for their work.

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